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In 2012, a lone stalker retraced the steps of the first team to make it to the center of the Zone, eventually opening the way north.

A year earlier, a mercenary accomplished the same feat, fielding the largest military force the Zone had ever seen.

The military sends their own operation to the north, which ends in failure. A USS veteran manages to find what went wrong and bring back detailed information on the secrets of the Zone.

The year is now 2018. Whatever reasons brought you to the Exclusion Zone are yours and yours alone. Armed with nothing more than your knowledge and skill, you set out in pursuit of your goals.

Radiant Quests

Every now and again, a stalker will need help with a job. Everybody needs work done, from your everyday stalker to traders and faction leaders. Asking them about jobs is the best way to find steady work.

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Lost to the Zone: Living Legend

Part I: Walking legendsPripyat Outskirts.jpeg After a while, the player will begin to hear on the PDA network that Strelok has returned into the Zone. The quest is started by asking an NPC and hopefully having the luck of him giving the player the hint, which will be noted down in the PDA. From there, visiting the faction leader will start the questline( Note: A new dialogue will appear that triggers the quest)

Part II: Old FriendDoctor.jpg After discussing with the faction leader (Sakharov, Lukash, Voronin, Dushman, Cold, or Sidorovich depending on faction), the player will be sent to the Great Swamps in order to find Doctor. It should be noted that the player should NOT take both Mysteries of the Zone and Living Legend at the same time, as it poses a high risk to break the game itself.

Part III: Underground HideoutUnder agroprom.jpg After talking with Doctor, the player is instructed to enter the Agroprom Underground in order to find Strelok's stash. There aren't many obstacles in the Underground if the right entrance is taken, namely the one inside the Loner base in Agroprom, South-East of the Institute where Military resides. Once entered, the player will fight a group of bandits (If chose to be mercenary, the bandits will be neutral). Further downstairs, mutants will attack the player, mostly being zombies and Bloodsuckers, but there is also a small chance for Burers and Poltergeists to spawn. Once entered the shaft next to the ventilation system rubble, and then up the stairs into Strelok's hideout, the player should only pick the documents on the ground and the contents of the backpack if there are any, aswell as other goods scattered around. Taking the briefcase on the room's left is should not be done because the item is related to Mysteries of the Zone (Cut Content documents, however, from 1.5 Full Release, these documents can still be sold to traders for money, however this should only be done after Living Legend, Mortal Sin, and Operation Afterglow questlines are finished, as it poses a great risk to break the game's integrity)

Part IV: Following The Trail100-Rads.jpg After leaving Agroprom Underground, the player will be prompted to visit Barkeep in Rostok in order to find more about Strelok's whereabouts. Barkeep will inform the player that Strelok went to the north and that he should visit Gatekeeper in the Army Warehouses.

Part V: Call To The NorthYantar.jpg After talking with Barkeep, the player will be prompted to get a psy-helmet(preferably the Good, calibrated variant, which is more expensive). For that, visiting Sakharov is required. If the player decides to take the uncalibrated version, the player will be able to leave instantly for Gatekeeper in Army Warehouses, although this is not advised because the helmet itself is unstable. On the other side of things, if the player chooses to purchase calibrated variant, he will get access to the Miracle Machine without timer restriction, and to Monolith territory.

Part VI: BreakthroughGatekeeper.jpg Upon receiving the Psy-helmet and arriving in Warehouses, the player will be prompted to talk with Grizzly, a Loner wearing a Radiation Suit. The dialogue with him will be interrupted as the player has to defend the Barrier from a Monolith attack. Once the attack is fended off, Gatekeeper will reward the player with Psy Blockers that will be useful later on.

Part VII: Over The RainbowBrain Scorcher Antenna.jpg The player enters Radar, from here, he is prompted to enter the Brain Scorcher laboratory and turn the machine off. On the way, the player will fight Monolithians, a few mutants, and radiation itself, as there are many hotspots. It is strongly advised to invest in a suit against radiation or medicine that protects him. Once reached the laboratory, the Player will meet 3 Bloodsuckers on the way to the control panel. After shutting off the Brain Scorcher, any locked doors will now open and Monolithians will show up in the Lab. The best course of action is to use a silenced weapon or grenades, as the enemy is very likely to cluster together.

Part VIII, IX, X: The Enclave, Meet Rogue & Experimental WeaponBeard.jpg The player will be prompted to talk with Beard upon entering Skadovsk and then to Rogue (Rogue will not talk to the player until interaction with Beard has been done). The player will be informed by Strelok's squad whereabouts at the Barrier after retrieving the Gauss Rifle spawned inside the Testing Workshop in Iron Forest. After delivering the Rifle, Rogue will offer his story as well as the squad's fate at the Barrier.

Part XI: Path To PripyatJupiter Underground.png The walkthrough in Jupiter Underground is quite similar to Call Of Pripyat mission, there are only slight differences where the toxic gas is gone, and only Rogue covers up as companion. However, taking a suit with medium radiation suit such as a Sunrise with EBF Gasmask (Veteran variant) is the cheapest choice, mainly because radioactive water is in mass at the end of the map.

Part XII, XIII & XIV: Top Secret, Medical Supplies & Attack On TitanStrelok2.jpg This set of missions are specific to their names. First one requires the player to take X8 documents from the lab with the same designation, which are located by the irradiated pool. The second task requires the player to gather a certain amount of medicine for Stitch, usually achievable by looting Monolithians at the Yubileiny Service Center. Furthermore, the last task requires the player to kill a pseudogiant, which, conveniently, is blocking the way to Yubileiny Service Center. Once all the tasks are done, Strelok's team can be assembled.


  • If the X8 documents are nowhere to be found, then it means that the local burer(s) have tossed it somewhere, or the document has not spawned at all. This particular mission is often met with high chances of bugs.
  • Yubileiny Service Center and X8 respectively have the same amounts of mutants/NPCs such as in the CoP playthrough. 24+ to 28 Monolith and Zombie NPCs guarding the Service Center, and 2 burers, tushkanos spawning once the player enters the irradiated pool, poltergeists, as well as miscellaneous mutants such as snorks, most likely 3. It is recommended to carry a submachine gun and a shotgun with plenty of ammo, preferably silenced to increase odds of survival.
  • If the X8 documents have not spawned at all during "Living Legend: Top Secret", they can be spawned for the actor via debug menu (enabled by adding "-dbg" to STALKER: Anomaly's shortcut target and pressing S while in the menu (after loading a game save). The item's name in debug menu is "X8_document", in the quest items section. This can also be done to skip the mission itself without entering the laboratory, though it is not advisable as it inhibits the progression of "Attack on Titan" and "Medical Supplies"
  • An enormous amount of ammo will be needed before starting "Living Legend: First Strike", as there is no turning back from buying ammunition. It is preferable to prepare before starting the task.
  • A suit with high radiation resistance is required to progress in the mission, as the Sarcophagus is entirely covered in radiation.

Part XV, XVI & XVII: First Strike, Champion of the Monolith & Ambitious ObjectiveMonolith.jpeg Once the team is ansembled, the player will be prompted to take out an incoming Monolith recon squad made of 7 to 12 NPCs that are set to attack Laundromat. Once they are killed, the next objective is killing Eidolon in Pripyat, which can prove to be difficult as his location is the Palace of Culture, a central base. Strelok will state his new objective after killing Eidolon, which is to reach the CNPP and obtain a shard of the Wish Granter.


  • Item 62 had incompatible ammo in version 1.5 (BETA), where Rogue hands over homemade batteries instead of fabricated ones.
  • Eidolon can be one-shot with the Item 62 with a headshot, and also killed by suppressing him with large-caliber weaponry or constant shooting into his weak spots (knees, head, shoulders), rendering him unable to fight back without flinching.
  • The artifact "Monolith" does not value more than 58,000.

Lost to the Zone: Mortal Sin

Lost to the Zone: Operation Afterglow

Important Stalkers